Hi There

I'm Jesi.

I’m a photographer.

Before Photography, I Lost My Rhythm

People always ask me:

“Did you always want to be a photographer?  How’d you get into it?”

The answer is:  Heck no and it was a long and winding road.

If you’d asked me when I was a kid what I would be when I grew up, I’d have listed a dozen different things from actor to zookeeper to traveling assassin.  I was an odd child. 

But when I got to high school and college and everyone wanted me to narrow down a career goal, all I could think of was a drummer in a professional marching band.  I loved marching band.  I was not very good, or talented, or dedicated to practicing…but it was my favorite thing in the world and I wanted to do it forever.

That lack of talent and dedication proved to be a bit of a stumbling block. College itself, however,  became increasingly difficult to navigate.  I had developed an intense anxiety disorder (which I discussed in detail at this event) and it derailed my education.   I dropped out of my small Texas college and became a bit of a tumbleweed, bouncing around the southern United States looking for a purpose.  Music wasn’t going to be the driving force behind me career, or so I thought.  If you have told me then that one day I would be one of the most sought-after photographers in Fort Myers, FL…I would have said “where the hell is that?”


Finding My Sound Through the Lens

My first camera was a gift, in more ways than one.

I started taking photos in 2008.  It was a Canon Rebel XS which I got for $700 at the time, and now you can pick one up for under $100.  Your average cellphone takes better images than this baby was capable of, but I didn’t know any better and I pushed that camera to the limits.  Without knowing what my photographic interest would be, I just shot everything.  And having my camera with me helped ease my anxiety, kept me grounded, and gave me a purpose.

I left my home state of Texas in 2011 and settled in sunny Southwest Florida.  Through a series of random happenstances, I found myself working full-time as a photographer 6 years later.  Almost 3 years in and I can honestly say, aside from being a traveling assassin, I can’t imagine myself doing any other job.  

Photography has taught me a lot over the years.  I’ve learned specific photography lessons, sure:  composition, lighting, posing principles, etc.  But it’s also taught me a lot about patience, humor, humility, the value of a friendliness, and the vulnerability of people.  Connecting with a person through such an intimate, visual medium is unlike anything else on earth.

In the most unexpected turn of events, music found its way back into my life thanks to photography!  Capturing live music and creating promotional images for bands and musicians keeps me active in the music world and immersed in a world of creativity.  I love getting to capture sound in visual form.  Being a photographer in Fort Myers means I get to capture the best of the local music scene and musical acts traveling between Tampa and Miami.  But music photography isn’t all I do.  

These Days

I’ve settled in Fort Myers, Florida and live happy with my boyfriend, Peter, and our dog Miles.  As you can tell from this page, I practice photo techniques on myself frequently.  But when I’m not creating elaborate self-portraits, you can find me working with creative professionals, bands and musicians, artsy families, and cool folks from all over right here in Southwest Florida.

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My Photography Style

Beyond Colorful

I am obsessed with color and sharpness.  Cinematic, dynamic lighting is what keeps me motivated in the pursuit of the perfect photograph.  I believe in making people look iconic so they can become the larger-than-life rockstars I see them as!


Be Epic

My goal in every project is to make my clients look epic and bring their vision to life.  Whether we’re on a stage, in the studio, or in some random alley, I’m going to create photos to will be used in the documentary about your life someday.  

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