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The best photographer in St. Petersburg, Florida? Possibly!

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What I can do for you...

"I'm a business owner - I don't have a personal brand...do I?"

A personal brand is how you are perceived in your community and in your field. You could just call it your reputation! So you already have a personal brand, even if you haven’t put much thought into it. Thinking about your personal brand can feel awkward or even vain at first, but when you realize how much your personality can drive relationship building with your audience, you’ll be glad you invested!

"I think I just need a headshot."

And I would love to create a headshot for you! I truly believe you would benefit from having a complete gallery of on-brand images featuring you, your team, your products, your workstyle, and telling your story. But if you’re not ready for all that just yet, check out my Headshot Party.

"Do you do product photography?"

Creating content including product photos, videos for Reels and TikTok, and stop-motion graphics is one of my favorite things to do!

"What should I wear or bring to my photography session?"

First, when you book me to create personal branding or product photography for you, we’ll start the project with a planning meeting.  While we’re meeting, we’ll plan out the details of your session including locations, props, sets, and what you should bring.  Additionally, I partner with a professional fashion stylist who can help you with your wardrobe!  They didn’t vote me the best photographer in Southwest Florida for nothing.  Since relocating to Tampa area, I’m determined to be recognized at the best photographer in St. Petersburg, Florida!

"Will you photograph my family, my baby, my high school senior, or my wedding?"

I specialize in personal branding photography and product photography – anything outside that is not my area of expertise.  My whole attention is focused on your business!  However, I will occasionally take on senior portrait clients because I love working with cool teenagers.

"Before I get a quote, what is an average price range I can expect?"

5My personal branding photography and product photography sessions are completely customized to each project and business I serve. In other words, giving general pricing is tricky! But most of my clients spend between $1689 and $4989 on their total project, with deliverables and exact services varying depending on need.   After your first personal branding photography or content creation session with me, I can create sessions for your on a monthly or quarterly basis for as little as $389 per month.

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Behind the Lens

When I’m not working with my amazing clients, I’m living my best life in St. Petersburg with my boyfriend, Peter, our cat, Biscuit, and our dog, Miles. When I can tear myself away from them, I enjoy thrift shopping, exploring new cities, and riding my bike.

My biggest passion beyond work is volunteerism. There are so many fantastic non-profit organizations in my community, and I try to get involved as much as possible!  This year I served on the Fort Myers Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board.  Getting involved with the Neighborhood Accountability Board and serving as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Love Your Rebellion helps me stay connected with my community.  You can also catch me working the polls on pretty much any election day!

best photographer in southwest florida addy award 40 under 40

Award Winning Photographer

There’s something truly humbling about winning awards – but it’s also a total ego boost!

In 2022, I was honored to be recognized as a 40 Under 40 honoree by Gulfshore Business, won a Gold ADDY at the American Advertising Awards, and was voted the best photographer in Southwest Florida (Lee County) by Gulfshore Life readers.


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Canvas Rebel Interview – What It Takes To Be Successful

Canvas Rebel Interview – What It Takes To Be Successful

The key to success is being tenacious about problem solving. Murphy’s Law “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” absolutely applies to business. Equipment will fail. People will flake on you. Competition will sneak up on you. Sales will drop. Disasters will happen. But survivors are the business owners who look at a problem and say “Ok, let’s find a solution” rather than crumbling under the pressure. There is almost always a solution to every problem. It may not be easy, or cheap, but there is a solution!

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