Hi There

I'm Jesi.

I’m a photographer.

10 years in the making

Photography has taught me a lot over the years.  I’ve learned specific photography lessons, sure:  composition, lighting, posing principles, etc.  But it’s also taught me a lot about patience, humor, humility, the value of a friendliness, and the vulnerability of people.  

Home, Sweet, Florida

I left my home state of Texas in 2011 and settled in sunny Southwest Florida.  I’ve bounced around SWFL and  currently live in Fort Myers with my boyfriend, who plays in a local rock band, and our dog Miles.  My studio is also located in Fort Myers!

My Photography Style

I love color and sharpness.  I adore cinematicdynamic lighting.  I believe in making people look like epiclarger-than-life rockstars whether they're on a stage, in my studio, or in some random back alley.  And when I think of a new technique or want to try out an idea, I frequently practice on myself!
Please don't right click me, it hurts my feelings