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Understanding My Brand Photography Process

Do your headshots make you cringe? Worried that your personal branding photos will just be a series of awkward poses, deer-in-headlights faces, and an all-around uncomfy time? Are you struggling to bring your brand vision into living color? Are you just not sure what to look for in the “right photographer” for your branding project?

I’m here for you.

To make the branding photography process easier, here’s everything you might want to know BEFORE you hit that Contact button and start a branding project with me.

What to Know Before You Reach Out

Honestly, I am not the right photographer for everyone. I made peace with that a looooong time ago! But for people looking for a photographer who specializes in bold, colorful, and expressive photos, I just might be perfect. Here are some facts about me to help you decide:

  • I love color. I love it so much that I will encourage you to break out of the prison of neutral color palettes in your branding. You deserve more than a sterile white office with tasteful minimalist decor! You deserve to be unforgettable.
  • I embrace the entire spectrum of human emotions. My motto is “Smiling is insufficient.” That means I am going to try to get more out of you than just your practiced picture-perfect smile.
  • I believe the power of your personality can change your brand into something truly special. You do not have to bend yourself into some unnatural pretzel to please anyone or attract your dream clients.
  • You are a human, you deserve to look like a human in your photos. I do not think you need to lose weight or get fillers or change anything about your appearance before booking your branding photo session.
  • My business is solely focused on creating visual assets for other businesses and brands. Making creative professionals, industry leaders, community champions, and business owners look natural and fun in portraits is what I do best! So I am probably not the right person to shoot your wedding, your family reunion, or your baby’s first photos.
  • I live in Tampa, FL, and serve the surrounding area and will travel for the right projects.
  • My goal is to turn my clients into friends. If I can do that, I call it a win!

So here's my branding photo process

Step 1: Contact Me

The best way to get started with your branding photography process is to send me as much information about your branding project as you can through my email contact form. Tell me about your business, your goals, your fears, your hopes and dreams – tell me anything! I work with folks who are just starting out and have no idea what they need to brands who have established visual guidelines that must be followed. Here’s some questions to get you started thinking about your branding project:

Some Thoughts to Consider...

How much creative direction do you need?

I consider all projects to be a creative collaboration where we will melt our artistic ideas together into one perfect soup of on-brand images!  Think about how much creative leadership you need from me:  somewhere on the scale between “Jesi, take the wheel, I need you to tell me what to do!” and “I know exactly what I want, and I just need a technically skilled artist to bring it to life.”   My superpower is that I can work with you whether you are brand spankin’ new to branding or you’re a branding veteran with a vision.

How many photos do you need?

Some brands need just enough photos to update their social media profiles, website about page, and business cards.  Others have a whole team of people and want each person to have photos to represent their true personalities.  And others are in need of a large bank of images and video assets to use on social media and their website for months!  Having an idea of roughly how many photos you need will be helpful – but I can also help guide you if you’re just not sure yet.

Where are we creating these photos?

My stomping ground is Tampa, FL and I love creating expressive, colorful branding portraits and stop motion videos from the comfort of a private, air-conditioned studio!  But perhaps you’d prefer photos in your home, your office, or at other places that make sense for your brand.  You might even be interested in photos outside of the Hillsborough/Pinellas County area!  If so, be sure mention that in your message so I can get you an accurate quote.

Do you want to add on hair, makeup, or wardrobe styling?

I partner with professional makeup artists and personal stylists who can help you look and feel your best on your photo session day.  These services can take so much stress off of your shoulders!  Instead of worrying about getting your hair to do that thing you like, or fighting with your makeup, or crying over your clothes, you’ll have a professional to take care of everything for you.

Do you need something beyond photos?

Photography is what I do best!  But it’s not all I can do for you.  I can build websites, create stop motion videos, manage social media accounts, serve as a recurring social media content creator, and given in-depth branding advice.  Tell me what you need, and if I can’t do it, I betcha I know someone who can.

What does success look like for you?

 Think about what a truly successful branding project would look like for you.  What kind of photos would you have?  What would you need besides photos? Where would you be able to use the brand content I create for you?  And most importantly, how would they make you and your ideal audience feel?  

Step 2: I’ll Follow Up with a Quote

Once I know about your branding project, I’m going to need to know more about YOU. Before I send you a quote, I want to make sure I am the right photographer for your branding project. So we’re going to have ourselves a good ‘ol fashioned phone call. I’ll get to know you, you’ll get to ask me any questions you might have before committing to a session with me, and I’ll go over the branding photography process options that will best fit your branding project.

Why don’t I just send the quote over through an email? Because I want to be sure you have access to me while you look over the quote. I can answer any questions you might have and help you choose the options that make the most sense for where you are in your business.

There is no pressure to choose right away – just plenty of time to dig into the nitty gritty details before you make a decision.

Want a little bit more information about how my custom quotes might look?

Check out my blog – How Much Does Personal Brand Photography Cost?

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Step 3: Booking

This is probably the easiest part of the branding photography process! I’ll send you all of my booking documents digitally. You’ll be able to easily pay your invoice and sign the project agreement online. For most projects, I require 50% of your chosen project fees to be paid at the time of booking as a non-refundable retainer for my services. Then, if you know what date you want to reserve, I’ll get that marked off in my calendar. If you don’t know yet, that’s ok! We’ll figure that out in step 4. Which brings us to…

Step 4: Project Planning

Every single branding project I work on is unique. My promise is to never treat you or your business like a carbon copy of someone else. That is why Project Planning is so important! In this stage, I’ll learn more about you and your business and start churning out creative ideas for your photos. I utilize a few different tools to help me get the information I need and empower you to contribute to the collaborative process. We’ll decide on logistical details such as shoot dates, locations, coordinating with everyone who will be on set, prop selection, etc. as well as creative details. I’ll develop a shotlist of photo priorities that we’ll reference on the day of the project to make sure we get everything you need.

shootproof gallery of jesi cason photography branding process

Step 5: Image Selection and Delivery

Do you hate waiting? Are you low-key kind of impatient? Me, too! That’s why I offer, in most cases, SAME DAY IMAGE SELECTION. That means: as soon as we are done creating the photos, I’ll transfer them from my camera to my laptop so you can look through them and make your selections before you leave.

Once you’ve made your selections, I’ll finalize those images for download and you’ll have them in your cute little hands (metaphorically) within 2 weeks. But probably sooner because I’m just as excited as you are!

Step 6: Project Completion and Next Steps

Your photos are ready, you’ve downloaded them, you love them, you post them on your socials, everyone is blowing up your notifications! Now what?

I’m still here for you – to be your personal branding BFF. That means forever! I can help you with creating recurring content on a monthly or quarterly basis, give your website a complete makeover, or just provide my thoughts and feedback as your brand evolves over time. This is a friendship now, and friends don’t let friends have ugly brands.

Ready to start your branding project?

You know what to do!

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