Leader of ZZ Top Cover Band | Paul Jennings |

“So let me start out by saying, that Jesi was the most professional photographer we have ever worked with! She did her homework on his well before the shoot and had everything perfect. She had our music playing and took charge right from the start. Funny, professional and most of all, a real eye for what we were going for as a group. Jesi… THANK YOU for your awesome talent!”
gothic couple walking through florida cemetery

Personal Branding Client | Mia Hoffman |

“There is only so much praise you can give in a text post, but Jesi deserves all that and more. Our amazing photos (yes, everyone is absolutely floored and inspired by them) were a product of my initial inspiration, but also Jesi’s artistic eye. The best photos she took, she told us what to do, and I would have never thought to do those things, but the photos proved her vision.”


Personal Branding Client | Danielle Branchaud |

“Hiring a professional photographer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was already familiar with Jesi’s creative portrait work, but I presented her with a concept that was a step out of the norm. She rose to the challenge and exceeded our expectations. Jesi Cason is professional, prompt, with a remarkable sense for light and composition. Moreover, she is fun and good humored, and makes the whole experience of being photographed feel easy-going- there is no harshness or impatience in her style. This is just the kind of photographer I would recommend to others, and will most definitely consider hiring again in the future.”


Manager of The Baha Men | Paul Easton |

“Our brief to Jesi was simple, yet challenging. A major-label band with a thirty year history and one of the most iconic songs in the world was looking for a fresh look for its new campaign. The pre-conceived notions of what this band was/is have simply been shattered by Jesi’s terrific photographic work along with some amazing styling from a Miami-based team…Jesi made the process seem effortless and the results are nothing short of incredible. Thank you, Jesi! We look forward to many more shoots.”