Standing Out with your e-Commerce Product Photography

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Standing Out with your e-Commerce Product Photography

virtual assistant personal branding photography fort myers

Welcome to the Digital Age

We’re living in the digital age. We spend our days online – whether we’re there to work, or to doom scroll (admit it, you’re a victim to the Instagram scrolling spiral too… we all are). If you’re a business owner in the online space, I’m sure you’ve noticed… It’s crowded as hell these days. 

Everywhere you look, there’s someone else doing pretty much the exact same thing you do. Obviously, you’ve got a unique selling point that differentiates you from everyone else doing *the thing*. But if you’re in e-commerce, that brings us to a question. 

How can we best communicate that uniqueness with your ideal clients? You’ve got milliseconds to catch their eye, whether they’re shopping on Etsy, or looking for their next pair of earrings on Pinterest. So what’s going to make the difference? 

Your. Pictures. Your e-commerce product photography has to do the work for you. They have to draw your ideal clients in, and show them definitively why your products have the je-ne-sais-quoi they’re looking for. And that’s where I come in! We identify that x-factor your products have, and show it off.

virtual assistant personal branding photography fort myers
Energetic solopreneur headshot

Use Your Brand Standards in Your e-Commerce Product Photography

The absolute first step to e-commerce photography that will grab your ideal customers’ attention:creating a set of brand standards that they’re going to be obsessed with. After all, if you’re selling polymer clay statement earrings in bold, bright colors… you’re going to want a different overall vibe than a solopreneur selling a minimal, distraction-free weekly planner. 

This is why the beginning stage of my process with clients includes a consultation about your overall branding. That way, we can use those standards to create imagery that will vibe 100% with your presence! And as a bonus, making sure that we talk about your brand standards will mean your images will align with exactly what your ideal customers are looking for. Win-win.

Don’t Forget the Props!

White backgrounds are classic. They’re great. Simple. Clean. A long-time industry standard in e-commerce product photography. But… if you want your images to pop? We want to place them in an environment that makes them feel both natural, and attractive. For some types of products, say… candles, handmade wall art… you want to tap into your customers aspirations. 

This is a buyer psychology concept rooted in allowing your future buyers to imagine your products in their space. What will they look like there? How will their coffee table feel with your book as a centerpiece? What will their bathroom countertop look like with their soap bottle nice and cozy in your ceramic handcrafted cover? 

Based on your brand standards, we’ll determine how to best showcase your products – both in use, and in flat-lays.

Candle product photography with geometric props
Mint green candle e-commerce product photography
Flatlay product photography of hand-made candles

Use Your New Images Consistently

When it comes to standing out, having your images is only half the battle. As magical as the images we create will be, for them to do their job, ya gotta use ‘em. You have to put them to work on your social media profiles, website, and marketing materials, consistently.

The great thing about e-commerce product photography, is it’s not just useful on your e-commerce platform of choice. It’ll also bring visual consistency to your Instagram® account, your Facebook® Business profile… even your TikTok®, if you play your cards right! 

After all, for your images to help you stand out, your customers have to SEE them. So isolating them to your Etsy® listings, for example, isn’t enough. Integrate them into your overall marketing strategy. Pin them on Pinterest, use them in Reels®. 

That’s how you stand out in a saturated online marketplace.

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