Sell More, Stress Less


Your products are badass. Your product photography should match that energy.   Let’s get your ideal clients screaming “TAKE MY MONEY!”  There’s no better way to grab their attention than product photography that highlights the unique way your products solve a problem, evoke a feeling, or create an aspiration.

I’ll work with you to design a product photography package that highlights the personality of your products and makes your clients feel like they can’t go another second without buying from YOU.

Product Photography FAQ

"How much will my product photography project cost?"

Each product photography project is customized to your needs.  Your quote will depend on how many products you need photographed, how many variations of each image you’ll need captured, how much styling is needed to enhance your product, and if additional services such as human models or stop motion videos are needed.  Most projects start at $3,500.

"What if I just need product photos on a white background?"

Then you need e-commerce product photos, and that is something I can do for you!  Just tell me how many products you need photographed and how many photos of each product (examples:  front view only, front and back, or front, back, and macro detail photo.)

"Who finds the models and styling props?"

I am happy to take the responsibility of sourcing props and hiring models to style with your products.  Together, we’ll set a prop budget and model fees budget, then I’ll get to work finding all of the necessary assets to create your pefect photos!  You may also opt to provide your own props and models.

"Can I ship my product to you? Can you come to my store or warehouse?"

Yes and yes!  Depending on the product, it might be more effecient for me to bring my portable studio to you rather than have you bring everything to my Downtown Tampa studio.  You can also simply mail your products to me if you are located outside of the Tampa/Saint Petersburg area.  We’ll decide together which option makes the most sense for your project.

"How do you decide the style of the photos?"

I work closely with my clients to determine the art direction of each project.  If you are unsure of what you’d like your images to look like, I can help guide you through the creative process so you’ll have exactly what you want.  If you know what you want, I’ll follow your lead!