Your BUSINESS is UNIQUE – Flaunt it with


You’re not boring.

The photos on your website shouldn’t be either. Or the ones on your social media, or the ones you use to advertize your products. And it’s really easy to accidentally have… well… boring pictures. You know the ones: they look “just fine” but they don’t have that little bit of YOU injected into them. They’re not unique. They’re just… fine.

We work together to build a set of photos that is far beyond just fine – photos that highlight what makes you, and your brand, special. (I know it sounds cliché, but trust me, it’s kind of what I do best!)

Jesi is the absolute best! So creative, she always goes the extra mile to ensure you have the BEST photos possible. I can’t even tell you how amazing, professional, and wonderful she is!”

Mia Hofman

Personal Brand



What is a session with me like?


Predictably unpredictable!  Despite all the preparation I put into my sessions, there will always be some unexpected element that comes into play.  And that is my favorite part of photography:  the unexpected surprises!  We’ll go with the flow and make magic happen together.