5 Color Palettes for Your Personal Brand

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5 Color Palettes for Your Personal Brand

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5 Color Palettes for Your Personal Brand

The Power of Color Palettes in Personal Branding

What color is your personal brand?  

It might seem like an easy question, and many people will simply pick their favorite colors or choose random colors whenever the mood suits them.  But color psychology plays a huge role in how color palettes for your personal brand can impact your message.  Putting a bit more thought into your color palette beyond “I love this color, and don’t like this other color” will polish your brand image.  Seeing the same colors represented in subtle ways throughout your messaging and social media will help your audience associate those colors with you!  And the more they think about you, the more they’ll want to do business with you.  

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”

RuPaul | Drag Queen, Actor, TV Personality, and Personal Brand

#5 Electric Jewel Tones

Richly saturated jewel tones of purple, pink, and teal make a bold branding statement.  Purple tones represent creativity and power.  But because purple is such a bold color, it can quickly overpower everything else on the page.  Use purple as an accent color rather than a primary color to get the most effect without overwhelming your audience.  

Teal is another bold accent color than can quickly get overused.  Pairing it with a dark purple, almost black, calms everything down while pairing it with a shade of white or a bold pink or even orange will evoke feelings of excitement and youth.  Brands that might gravitate towards this color scheme are artistic, thoughtful, and have a clarity of message.  

These colors from my branding photography session with Fort Myers based music group Cobress perfectly capture the vibe of the synth-punk band.

brand color palette jewel tones

#4 Beachy Earth Tones

For crunchy brands with a love of the sea, colors easily found in nature are the way to go.  Think about popular organic or health food companies:  they stick to the  natural color palettes for their branding because these colors send the right message.  Choosing these colors to represent your brand will send a message of warmth and reassurance.  If you are a brand near the coast, these colors will also send a signal to locals that you’re connected to the community.  Author Trish Doller writes novels which often feature locations near the ocean, so these branding colors fit her perfectly!

personal brand color palette beach tones

#3 Powerful Primaries

They’re called primary colors for a reason!   Red, blue, and yellow work so well together it’s almost creepy.  But it’s also a risk!  Using primary colors as your branding colors can easily backfire – you don’t want to look like a box of crayons.  When used as accents for black and white themes, they wield a lot of power without sending the wrong message.  

Primary colors represent familiarity, with each color representing different emotions and archetypes.  Red evokes feelings of alarm as well as power.  Yellow is energizing and can read as vintage or retro.  Meanwhile blue is the color of reliability and calm.  Put them all together and you’ve gone one dynamic trio!  This professional body piercer uses primary colors to show the softer side of poking holes in people.  

personal brand color palette primary colors girl with a knife

#2 Candy Tones

Bold brands use bold colors!  Can’t you just imagine what these colors would look like all arranged on an Instagram feed?  It makes me want to eat my phone which is not healthy or normal but that’s just who I am!

These electric colors send a message of youth, vibrance, fearlessness, and energy.  Viewers will instantly know by these colors that the brand is not conventional, and that can be good or bad depending on your target audience!  If, for instance, a tax attorney took on these colors it might send a message of inexperience or disorganization.  But for the right brand – a pop singer, a makeup line, hair stylist, or a skateboard company – it will hit all the right notes.  

#1 Earth Tones

These colors just put me instantly at ease.  I feel calm, relaxed, and ready for yoga.  Or, in the case of this brand, pole dancing!  Why would a pole dance fitness instructor want to send a message of relaxation?  Because pole fitness can be intimidating for newcomers and using these colors can instantly put a fresh student at ease.  Browns, lavenders, and accent blues send a message of strength and evoke a feeling of being grounded.  This is also a color platte that lends itself well to a variety of textures!  We are used to seeing brown in nature so our eyes are not overwhelmed by using design elements like wood grain, leather, soil, or in this case, hair! 

personal brand color palettes

Looking for help discovering the perfect color palette for you brand?  I recommend browsing the palettes at www.coolors.co and then researching what each color in the palette represents.  

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