Musician Portraits Pop with Bold Colors

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Musician Portraits Pop with Bold Colors

Musician Portrait Spotlight | Emma Arnold

How Bold Colors Amplify Your Music Brand

What Color is Your Music?

It all started with a pink guitar.
Emma Sydney Arnold is exactly as young as she looks in her musician portraits, but she’s been playing guitar and writing songs since she was 10 years old.  Since then , she’s developed a love for indie pop, a tendency to write songs while driving, and reputation for being precisely the kind of girl you want to meet at a local open-mic night.

Raised in Naples, Florida, Emma can be found playing acoustic solo sets in local bars and venues around SWFL.  Her style is influenced by soft pop and alt rock.  When she first contacted me for her musician portraits, we built on that pink guitar theme to create photos that fit her musical style and stage presence.

Bold colors like pink, blue, and yellow signify strength, energy, creativity, and spontaneity.  Each type of music evokes emotions that can be represented in color.  Choosing the right colors for your band photos or musician portrait will help you get your music’s message across to your audience before they even hear you play!
girl with pink lollipop musician portrait

Choosing the Right Colors of Band Photos

If you hate music like Avenged Sevenfold, you might love Emma Arnold.

There is nothing pretentious, vague, angry, or obscure about Emma.  She’s an open book, typically found with her nose in a book.   Whether reading sci-fi novels or jotting down lyrics in her journal, Emma’s love for the written word is crystal clear.

Sometimes, songs take years to come to fruition.  Emma is not one to rush a good thing and she’s learned to really take her time when putting together the lyrics and melodies that are born in the mind and live in her journals.  But once she has a solid idea, she runs with it and debuts it to an audience as soon as possible!

Similarly, her color palette is simple, cohesive, and confident.  Colors not only evoke emotions.  Like all visual media, the colors you choose to represent your music brand will cause people to make snap judgements about your music.  Color leaves an impression, whether positive or negative.

Pink is a color the represents sweetness, innocence, and child-like silliness.  Pairing it with bright blues, yellows, teals, and purples can add to the messaging that the artist is fun, uninhibited, and youthful.

So how can you figure out what colors best fit your style of music when creating your band photos?  You can do research on color theory and think about what feelings, messages, and styles you want your music to evoke.  Or book a session with me and we’ll figure it out together!

musician portrait of girl on pink background with lollipop

A Portrait of the Artist

When choosing a theme for Emma’s photos, we went with 3 words that describe her style:  sweet, soft, and sparkly.  

Emma arrived at my studio feeling awkward and self-concious, which is how most people feel right before having their portraits taken!  Some pink paper, a giant lollipop, and brightly-colored feathers were all it took to get Emma in the mood for being silly with me in the studio.

None of the bands or musicians I work with are professional models.  Emma, while totally adorable, still needed just as much direction and posing assistance as any other client and that is what I love doing the most!   Helping my musician portrait clients get comfortable in front of the camera and gaining their trust is the most rewarding part of the job.  Emma nailed her studio session with me and we created some of my favorite musician photos to date!

What made Emma choose me for her portraits?

“I saw your work through one of our mutual friends Frankie Colt! Frankie was someone who gave me a very warm welcome into the music community and as soon as I followed her on Instagram and saw some of the pictures you took for her I wanted to work with you too! I think you have a really really special unique eye for capturing moments on camera that portray who someone is or what they’re like. Something about your photos feels more personal. Especially with musicians. We’re an odd bunch. There’s a lot of photographers in SWFL you could hire to take pictures, but I haven’t worked with any other photographer who really helps portray creativity and character like you do. You’re also a master of angle and color! It’s really what every musician wants for photo shoot.”

young girl on black background touching face musician portrait

Advice for Other Musicians

What advice or wisdom would you give to other musicians in the Southwest Florida music scene?

“I would say to just to keep putting yourself out there. It’s challenging to build a reputation as a gigging musician anyways but especially being so young. If you’re a young musician like me trying to play in local venues, then I think it’s important to have a little bit of something for everyone.

Play a lot of songs that fit the venue. and then soon your own original material will be noticed and appreciated just as much overtime once people start paying attention to your own personal style and sound. Also- if someone requests it, never play Brown Eyed Girl, Margaritaville, or Wagon Wheel without a $100 tip 😉 lol kidding, but not kidding.”

girl laying on pink background with bright colored feathers


Emma is venturing off on the next chapter of her life!  She’ll be moving to Georgia to attend the Savannah College of Art & Design.  I’m so excited to see where Emma’s love for music, painting, and graphic design takes her in life!

You can find out where Emma is playing next by visiting her website, following her on Instagram, and keeping up with her latest releases on YouTube (coming soon!).





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