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 Southwest Florida Etiquette Classes

It’s Just Common  Courtesy

Teaching manners with a touch of joy.

Etiquette classes for kids and corporations redefine refinement through playful learning.

From the playground to the boardroom:  who says etiquette can’t be fun?

Etiquette Classes

Because good manners never go out of style











Wedding Parties











Table Manners

Never be confused about which fork to use again! Etiquette classes for kids and adults cover fine dining best practices and expectations.

Social Cues

Has social media made us less capable of navigating in-person interactions? Etiquette classes can help make face-to-face meetings more meaningful.

Conservation Skills

We’ll cover everything from how to start a conversation to how to gracefully exit an awkward conversation. Politeness is a super power!

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes, conflict is unavoidable. Knowing how to find compromise is the key to creating harmonious school, work, and living environments.

Customer Service

When your team knows how to respond to every possible customer service hiccup, the whole business wins!  Etiquette classes for businesses empower employees to handle every sticky situation.


When was the last time you received a thank you note? I’m making gratitude cool again by teaching students how to say thanks and really mean it through letter writing.

Hi, I’m Suzanne

Your Certified Etiquette Instructor

My grandmother, Florence Black (Mimi), taught me everything I needed to know about tea parties, gardening, and treating others with respect. And my goal is to pass that gift on to you.

I believe that etiquette improves confidence, creates space for kindness and consideration of others, and sets the tone for how we treat each other in every day life. During my classes for children, teens, wedding parties, and businesses, we’ll cover crucial soft skills that will build self-esteem and create more joyful relationships.

If your child is struggling at the dinner table or with making friends, your employees are running into repeated conflicts, or you’re preparing for a fine dining celebration, I can help!

Always be kind

Lead with compassion

Make room for joy

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” 

Emily Post

Ready to Give the
Gift of Etiquette?

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What 10 Manners Should Every Child Know?