How I’m Still Celebrating Halloween 2020

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How I’m Still Celebrating Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020 Costume Self-Portraits

Revenge Halloween is a dish best served cold.

Halloween 2020 is weird.  With so much going on, trick or treating, costume contests, and haunted houses are all MAYBE happening, or maybe took risky.  

Celebrating Halloween, for me, means creating a costume, photographing it, then going right back to work.  Parties and big events were never my style, and 2020 just proved to me that my lifelong habit of avoiding crowds was a good instinct.  

Creating a Halloween costume worthy of an elaborate self-portrait is the real challenge.  I am not a cosplayer, I cannot sew, I hate wearing wigs, and my makeup skills tap out at being able to actually blend my foundation into my neckline.  But buying a pre-made costume from a big box Halloween store is definitely not punk rock.  So what’s a not-so-crafty girl to do?  And how can I do the most good this Halloween season?


Shopping Small for Second Hand Fashions

Where would I be in life without thrifting?

In years past I’ve followed simple crafting tutorials, hired clothing designers, and purchased unique accessories from Etsy to create my DIY Halloween costumes.    But this year, it was all about buying things second hand and creating an iconic costume.  Supporting small businesses and looking killer while doing it!

Everything I used to create my Kill Bill inspired costume (minus the sword) came from Poshmark.  Yellow jacket, yellow pants, yellow shoes.  And I spent just a little bit more than I would have if I’d bought the pre-made ill-fitting version of this same costume from a big Halloween store!  But the best benefit to buying these items separately as opposed to from a costume store is that they’re all actually cute and I’ll wear them again beyond Halloween!  (Except the pants, OMG vinyl does not breathe!) And instead of giving money to a big corporation, I supported the individual resellers on Poshmark which feels way cooler.

kill bill costume diy halloween
kill bill costume pussy wagon keychain
kill bill cosplay diy halloween costume
kill bill cosplay diy halloween costume

Supporting the Postal Service

Instead of just posting these photos online, I decided to print postcards and mail them to my friends!  The United States Postal Service needs all the business it can get, so one way to celebrate Halloween is to send postcards.  I got mine printed quickly and cheaply at my neighborhood FedEx store.    

Make Halloween 2020, Christmas 2020, New Year’s 2021, and all future holidays special by sending custom postcards through the mail.  

Trying to Be Cool on Tik Tok

I’m a certified old person so I love watching Tik Tok videos but am not so great at making them.  My costume gave me a chance to try out a trend and I think it worked!





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