Getting Ready for Your Dating Profile Photos

Change of Clothes?

If there is time in your session you can change clothes so you can get different looks – I recommend bringing something you can change into quickly.  Wearing a tank top under your shirt makes public outdoor changes quick and easy.  If it’s not too warm, bringing a light jacket can make an outfit look totall different!


Definitely bring hats and sunglasses if you want to – it’s Florida, it’s bright, it just makes sense.  But don’t use them in more than 1 profile photo – people want to see your face.

Think about things you like, or that represent a part of your personality:

Bike or skateboard

Musical instrument


To-go coffee from your favorite date spot



Hula hoop

Paper fan

Flowers or potted plant

Ice cream cone


Favorite book (or a book with a conversation-starting title)

Colorful purse

Your dog!