Build Trust in Your Business through Personal Branding

People are more likely to do business with people the like, trust, and relate to.  Personal brand photography gives your audience a window into what it looks like to work with you.  Inject some personality into your marketing with unique, custom photos you can use in online ads, social media posts, and your website!

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Happy Brands = Happy Customers

“This is the best photographer in the area, no doubt. She’s amazing with color, lighting, posing, composition, editing. If you’re not looking for the best quality and your main concern is going cheap, look elsewhere. But if you want the best and are willing to pay for it, this is it.”

– The Electric Mud

As a fellow professional, I cannot speak more highly of Jesi as a photographer but also as an amazing person. Jesi wildly talented and she keeps her sessions fun and guides you every step of the way. She could not make it any easier to create diverse, expressive shots that are worth every penny of your investment.

– Jessica Ruth, Evoke Studios

Common Questions

"I'm a business owner - I don't have a personal brand...do I?"

A personal brand is how you are perceived in your community and in your field. You could just call it your reputation! So you already have a personal brand, even if you haven’t put much thought into it. Thinking about your personal brand can feel awkward or even vain at first, but when you realize how much your personality can drive relationship building with your audience, you’ll be glad you invested!

"I think I just need a headshot."

And I would love to create a headshot for you! I truly believe you would benefit from having a complete gallery of on-brand images featuring you, your team, your products, your workstyle, and telling your story. But if you’re not ready for all that just yet, check out my Quickie Headshot.

"Do you do product photography?"

Creating content including product photos, videos for Reels and TikTok, and stop-motion videos is one of my favorite things to do!  Contact me and tell me more about your products so we can start planning a project perfect for your brand.

"What should I wear or bring to my photography session?"

First, when you book me to create personal branding or product photography for you, we’ll start the project with a planning meeting.  While we’re meeting, we’ll plan out the details of your session including locations, props, sets, and what you should bring.  You may also choose to add on professional wardrobe  styling or hair and makeup services to your session.  Letting someone else guide you through the process of choosing outfits and getting ready for your session makes a world of difference.

"Will you photograph my family, my baby, my high school senior, or my wedding?"

I specialize in personal branding photography and product photography – anything outside that is not my area of expertise.  My whole attention is focused on your business!  However, if your family is an integral part of your business, they are more than welcome to be included in your branding photos.

"Before I get a quote, what is an average price range I can expect?"

My personal branding photography and product photography sessions are completely customized to each project and business I serve. In other words, giving general pricing is tricky! But most of my clients spend between $1600 and $5000 on their total project, with deliverables and exact services varying depending on need.   After your first personal branding photography or content creation session with me, I can create sessions for you on a monthly or quarterly basis for as little as $500 per month.  And my Quickie Headshots are perfect for anyone seeking something more impactful than a basic headshot, but still sticking to a budget.