Personal Branding without the Bullsh*t

You’ve heard that personal branding is powerful, but no one is telling you how to actually leverage your personality to drive customers to your business.  What does it take to actually grow a brand?  How the heck do you get it off the ground?  What what is the point of all this personal branding stuff anyway??

Marketing gurus and personal branding lifestyle coaches love to talk about “creating an ideal client avatar” and “being authentic.”  But why is it so hard to get an answer to the question “How do I actually START building a personal brand?” 

There’s too much sludge to wade through to get an honest answer.  So, let’s get into something real.  Let’s talk about building your brand and skip all the fluffy nonsense.

Personal branding is about sooooooo much more than looking kinda cool in photos, buddy.  Let me help you see the real purpose in building your personal brand – get instant access to my Totally Free Personal Branding Guide now.


it’s time to start taking your personal brand seriously (but not TOO seriously)


your competition hopes you’ll never figure out about your branding


you can take immediately to grow your personal brand

5 to-do items

you’ll feel so much better once you check these tasks off of your personal brand building list

Stop drowning in useless advice

Let’s make your personal brand make sense.

Want more help with your personal brand?  Let’s see what I can do for you.