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Dating is Hell

Let’s Get Real

  • Your dating profile photos make or break your success
    • Before online dating, two people had to see each other in person and have a mutual attraction to get to the next step:  a date.  Now, apps like Tinder, Bumble, Match, and OkCupid rely on photos first.  If two people like each other’s dating profile photos and bio, BOOM.  It’s a match!
  • Dating apps promote attractive people
    • Little known fact:  most dating apps use software to evaluate profiles for attractiveness and desirability.  Then, highly rated profiles are pushed out to more engaged users.  That software evaluates the quality of your photos, too!  Bad photos that don’t show you in your best light?  Sorry buddy, your profile isn’t floating to the top of the algorithmic pile.
  • 60 seconds  or less
    • That’s how long most people spend evaluating a person’s dating profile.  On the more swipe-heavy apps, it can be more like 10 seconds or less!  Having bad dating profile photos just encourages people to swipe away to the next person.
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Photos Send a Message

What do your dating profile photos say about you?

People analyze dating profiles looking for a reason to swipe left or right, send a rose or scroll by, connect or reject.  Oftentimes, those decisions are made before a single word of your bio is read.  Why?  Because your photos speak volumes!


“I’ve got a life, you should join me!”

People don’t always get to your bio before making a judgement call, so having dating profile photos that show you engaging in activities you care about is a shortcut to making a good impression.  And it tells the viewer that you’re not just sitting around waiting on dates.  Your interests make you interesting!


“I love the way I look.”

Don’t hide behind sunglasses, hats, and filters.  A professional lifestyle portrait will show you in all your glory.  My style of photography is all about finding the best what to show off your style in a natural, carefree way.  Being real in your photos means your matches will be thrilled when they finally see you in person.


“This is me.”

No one can get a full sense of who you are through a few photos, but your personality and identity need to shine through.  Low angle selfies in your truck don’t tell anyone anything about who you really are and what is important to you.  But finding ways to subtly or overtly proclaim “This is who I am!” in your dating profile photos will increase your chances of a great match.


“I could talk about this all day…”

Starting a conversation on a dating app is so hard.  But if you have a photo that expresses how much you enjoy certain hobbies, it gives people an in!  Suddenly the photo of you in a record shop leads to messages asking what your favorite album of all time is.  Or the photo of you playing chess prompts a match to challenge you to a game.


“My face isn’t frozen.”

Everyone loves a good Blue Steel face but if that’s the only one you’ve got, your dating profile will be in trouble.  People want to see you smile!  It’s not just about what you look like smiling:  it send a message that you are approachable, friendly, and not too cool to smile in photos.  


“My cool friend took this photo of me!”

Did you ever wish you could have a friend with camera skills just follow you around and capture cute candids of you?  That’s pretty much what this is!  Except you pay me to do it.  And the message it send it:  I’m so sute and fun, people love hanging out with me taking my photos!”   Selfies can’t do that.

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What People are Saying

“Landed me a fiancé

The photo you took of me with my umbrella and fur coat landed me a 25 year old fiancé with a hand tattoo !

Meaghan T.

“Wonder’s for my self-confidence”

Jesi’s photos of me did wonders for my self-confidence! Seeing myself through her photo’s I realized that I’m attractive enough to have a fighting chance with the people I’m ACTUALLY interested in on the apps I use. “

Spencer E.

“I got laid”

Jesi’s photos were the sole reason I ever got laid in 2019.

Skyler E.

“Brought me to literal tears”

Jesi gave incredible direction and the photos she shot brought me to LITERAL TEARS because of how amazing I felt after the experience. 10 out 10.”

Tara C.

Here's the REAL Reason You Should Book a Dating Profile Photography Session

You can spend hundreds of dollars a year on dating app premium plans, and still feel like you’re wasting your time on dating sites.  Quality matches can be few and far between.  There are dozens of reasons why this happens, but what is one of the reasons is because your photos are hurting your online perception?  If most people are looking at your photos and drawing conlcusions like “He’s hiding something” or “She’s clearly not a happy person” then you’re at an unfair disadvantage.

Let’s even the playing field.  High quality candid, lifestyle portraits that show the real you in the best way will set you apart in the sea of mediocrity that is the online dating world.  And more importantly, it will boost your self-esteem.  Seeing yourself the way I see you: as a cool, confident, loveable human being.


Do this for yourself.