Branding Project: Tampa Personal Brand Makeover

Tampa Personal Brand Photography

Behind the Scenes of a Complete Brand Makeover

Let me walk you through how I took two Tampa Bay personal brands from “DIY & stressing” to “fun & impressive” in just 8 weeks.

Brand Photography

It all starts with bespoke personal brand photography without the clichés.

Brand Design

Complimentary colors, fonts, and signature logos for 2 distinct personal brands based in Tampa, FL.

Web Design

Bringing it all together to websites that look amazing and speak effortlessly to ideas clients.

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

Missy West

“My co-founder and I worked with Jesi Cason Photography in Tampa for branding photography and website design and were THRILLED with her work. She not only is a one of the most creative people we’ve met but she is so FUN to work with and be around. She made our photo shoot easy and quite frankly, a BLAST.”

Motivational Speaker

Step 1: Brand Analysis

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership
collage of expressions for Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

“We are keynote speakers and executive coaches.  PS:  We are not squares, we are actually pretty fun to be around.”

From that first email, I knew working with Colleen & Missy on their brand makeover was going to be a hoot.  The two professional women have a list of accomplishments and accolades longer than my arm.  Their careers had taken them to an unexpected place: giving keynote speeches and professional trainings to executives and organizations all over the country.  But still, they felt something about their organically evolved branding just didn’t quite fit with their personalities.

Their photos were a mixture of candids from the audience POV during their speeches and quick snaps from awards ceremonies or marathon races.  And their websites were struggling to convey their services and what made them different from the average executive leader.  

The needed a brand that would say “Hey, this is the real Colleen & Missy and here is what we can do for you!”

Together, we set out to create a project plan that would make that idea a reality.  First, I sent them my Complete Branding Questionnaire and my Website Design Questionnaire so I could get their input on what they envisioned for their brands.  As it turned out, they need 2 websites and 2 brand designs that would compliment each other – and I knew we could get that done in as little as 8 weeks.

Next, we had a brand makeover planning meeting at their home in Tampa, FL.  I knew we’d want to simplify their branding photoshoot by creating the images in their home, so meeting there gave me a chance to assess the space and plan out each image.  This also gave me a chance to help both women choose outfits for their photos – one of the BIGGEST stresses about any photoshoot is wardrobe selection.  We can skip right over that stress just by choosing outfits together!

Step 2:  Create Brand Visuals

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

The day of the photoshoot, my hair and makeup artist arrived at Colleen & Missy’s home to get them both camera ready.  Neither women are big makeup enthusiasts, and I will never make my clients wear more makeup than they feel comfortable with – that is why I work with makeup artists who have the skills to apply minimal makeup with the goal of creating an elevated but natural look.

We spent the next 3 hours creating photos in their home, and I used my portable studio lighting and backdrops to make the images look clean, professional, and free of distractions.  Having a pre-planned shotlist to reference kept us on track and helped ensure we didn’t miss any of our ideas.  Creating their Expression Portraits had to have been the most fun part of the day!  Afterwards, we sat together at their kitchen table and chose their favorite images while we enjoyed lunch.

Once the photos were completed, I started working on their brand design which I based on the colors that naturally occurred in their photos.  I created two similar color palettes to represent each brand, two signature logos, and let them both share fonts to tie the two brands together visually. As I sent ideas to Colleen & Missy, they gave me feedback and we quickly reached an overall design that made them both say “THAT’S PERFECT!”

Tampa personal brand design for self-employed Orca Leadership
Tampa personal brand design for self-employed Orca Leadership

Step 3: Website Makeovers

Tampa personal brand website for self-employed missy west

Finally, we put all of the hard work we’d done on their brands into practice.  I built two websites for each brand using their existing platform and domain names.  Combining the fresh brand design with their branding photography made the visual layout of their website really pop.

Now, both brands looks engaging, professional, and fun – just like the two women behind the brands! 

Colleen & Missy Say

[Jesi] gave hours of her time and energy to listen to who we were, what we wanted to portray to the world, and what was most important to us. She then took that, added her expertise and creativity, and voila….made us look like ROCK STARS! Our website is BETTER than we could have ever envisioned it to be!

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

Colleen Healy

Co-Founder, ORCA Leadership

Here is the deal, if you are looking for someone boring, a drag, and just blah…Jesi is NOT for you. BUT if you want someone super fun, energetic, someone who will make your life easier, be extremely responsive & available for you, AND wants to see YOU succeed….(btw..also celebrates with you when you DO succeed)….Jesi is your person! Don’t wait another second…connect with her! Let her make your life A LOT easier! You’ll be so happy you did!

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed missy west

Missy West

Co-Founder, ORCA Leadership

Founder, The Missy West

Want me to do the same for your brand?

I work with creative professionals and eccentric entrepenuers like you every day right in here in Tampa Bay.  Make your branding work for you, without looking stuffy, boring, or like a poor imitation of yourself.

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