Branding Project: Tampa Personal Brand Launch

Tampa Personal Brand Launch

Branding Project: Solo Entrepreneur

See how I helped this marketing professional in Tampa launch her brand  and build a website with cohesion instead of cringe.

Transforming a brand from an idea to reality requires more than just great photos. It demands a cohesive strategy that integrates photography, web design, and compelling copywriting. Partnering with a professional who offers all three is the smartest way to launch a brand in Tampa. Small business owners often struggle with the overwhelming task of managing their own marketing. This can lead to inconsistent branding and missed opportunities. By working with an expert, you ensure your brand is presented in a unified, professional manner. You save time and stand out in a competitive market.


Brand Photography

It all starts with bespoke personal brand photography without the clichés.

Web Design

Bringing it all together to websites that look amazing and speak effortlessly to ideas clients.

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

Kari Goetz

“Jesi Cason Photography is THE resource for commercial and personal brand development and execution.”

Aviation Marketing - Winzig Consulting

Step 1: Brand Discovery

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership
collage of expressions for Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

I love that I work in an industry that convinces millions of people to wake up at a ridiculous hour, surrender all body autonomy, allow their personal items to be searched, so they can wait in a holding pen like livestock, board a pressurized tube and be hurled through the air at hundreds of miles per hour – and that’s not the adventure! The adventure begins when you land! How amazing is that?”

When I first moved to the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, I met Kari Goetz for lunch. Kari and I had mutual friends, and I’d heard she could help me find my way around this new city. That was the understatement of the year. Kari is the social butterfly I never knew I needed in my life until I found her.

During that lunch, Kari taught me how to find the best parking spots in Tampa. She told me what restaurants to avoid and encouraged me to get involved in the local arts community. We became friends immediately. I am so grateful for the warm welcome she gave me. Then, to my surprise, she told me she had just quit her full-time job to launch her own marketing consultant brand. Naturally, she was going to need to launch that brand in style!

Step 2:  Create Brand Visuals

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

First, Kari met with a hair and makeup artist at a studio we’d rented in Downtown Tampa. Meanwhile, I got busy posting dozens of blue Post-it notes on the wall and building a giant paper airplane to create our photo scenes. Our goal was to incorporate her blue branding color lavishly throughout her photos so that the website would look harmonious.

One thing we both agreed on was that Kari did NOT need hundreds of photos. Instead, she needed a handful of curated, carefully crafted branding images. These images had to capture her personality and show her ideal clients what she was all about. So, we spent the next two hours creating images that showed her whimsy, enthusiasm, confidence, and creativity. Immediately after we created the photos, we sat together and I helped her whittle down the proofs to her final image selections.

Moreover, no brand launch is complete without a gallery of Expression Portraits!

I include this option with both my Done-for-You Branding Project and my Custom Branding Project options. I believe so strongly in this style of photos. Instead of smiling into a camera forever, you should express yourself and the entire spectrum of human emotion! Kari, as an experienced actor, is incredible at doing just that.

Seeing her social media audience have a collective meltdown over her new photos was all the encouragement she needed to launch her brand website with me.

Tampa personal brand design for self-employed Orca Leadership

Step 3: Website Design & Launch

Tampa personal brand website for self-employed missy west

Within 4 weeks, I designed a website for Kari to launch her brand with pride!

ach section of the website is built around her brand photos. This creates a feeling of organization and cohesion and provides a simple way for clients to get to know her and her brand.

Finally, I incorporated basic SEO into Kari’s website. I also created video tutorials for her to follow whenever she needs to make simple updates to her site.


Kari's Brand Launch Results

You can get a headshot or you can build your BRAND! I’ve been sitting for professional headshots and brand photos for over three decades and I have never the kind of attention and thoughtfulness that Jesi took from me. From the thoughtful intake documents, to the online idea board, to the discussions prior to the shoot, I felt like I was coordinating with the Chief Marketing Officer of ME! She’s a fierce advocate for your best brand decisions and her photos are the results of ensuring that you are comfortable, powerful and in your best light! As a brand manager and web designer – her work is unparalleled.

Tampa personal brand photography for self-employed Orca Leadership

Kari Goetz

Chief Flying Squirrel, Winzig Consulting

The website that she designed for my company required little feedback – she got it right with the first concept! Jesi’s responsiveness is outstanding and she truly has her client’s best interests at the forefront of all she does. From creative to classic and everything in-between – Jesi Cason Photography is THE resource for commercial and personal brand development and execution.

Are you ready for your own Tampa brand launch? Kari’s successful brand launch demonstrates the power of carefully crafted branding images and a cohesive website. With my expertise, we can create stunning photos and a well-designed website that showcases your unique personality and appeals to your ideal clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your brand. Book your consultation with me today and let’s make your brand launch a success!

Ready to launch your brand?

I work with creative professionals and eccentric entrepreneurs like you every day right in here in Tampa Bay.  Make your branding work for you, without looking stuffy, boring, or like a poor imitation of yourself.

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