In Studio, or on Site? How to Choose Brand Photography Locations

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I’ve got an Announcement to make!

Jesi Cason Photography now has a fully-fledged MUCH BIGGER studio space here in Fort Myers, Florida!! This upgrade to my service set has been a long time coming, and I honestly can’t express how excited I am (both to have the space, and that the headache of finding it is over!). 

But this brings us to a question, because I will still be offering both in-studio, and on-site sessions. 

So which is the right one for you? How do we choose your brand session location?

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What Brand Photography Location Makes Sense for Your Brand?

It’s going to sound like a cop-out, I know. But… like most things in my line of work, choosing where we capture your images is going to come back to your brand standards, and your business! 

Every single business owner I work with is unique. Not just in what you do, but in how you do it. I’m honored to get to work with so many badass entrepreneurs on a daily basis – but that’s beside the point. The importance of your unique you-ness that makes our session one of a kind, is rooted in your brand standards, and your ideal client. 

So when we’re choosing a location, we need to base that decision in those brand standards too! 

What are you Promoting?

In choosing a brand photography location, we have to first address the purpose of your photo set. For example, if you own a yoga studio, and you need images for class promotions… it makes a ton more sense to capture those images in your space, so that your future students can see where they’re going. However, if you’re looking specifically for a set of headshots to feature your staff, those may be better captured in the studio for lighting consistency. If the images will be used for your online course about morning flows, then we’d need to talk about the overall brand vibe you’re going for in the course to decide whether the images should take place in your location, or in my studio. 

If you’re a musician, are you promoting live events? Do you need images in your natural habitat? On stage? Or are you going to be using your images on a record cover, and need a specific theme represented in your imagery? Do we need to curate a set? Maybe the answer is “all of the above” (don’t worry, I have options for that) but even so: we need to hone in on what you’re promoting with your images to help settle on your location (or locations plural, I don’t like limiting things).

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What Platform Will They Go On?

Beyond what you’re promoting, you’ve also got to consider what platform your images will be used on. Full disclosure, the answer to this one is usually “everywhere” – but that’s not always the case! Sometimes you need a set of images to keep your Instagram® presence consistent over the next six months or so specifically. And if that’s what you’re going for, we’ll need to make sure that we have an appropriate variety of locations so that your content doesn’t get stale over time. That might mean ensuring we have multiple in-studio sets to use, or, we may have to get a little bit of both happening! 

Is a Session Location Outdoors in Florida Summer a Good Idea?

No.  In case you’re not a full time resident, you need to know that May-September are the rainy months in Southwest Florida. It’s also unbelievably hot and humid.  If you’ve got your heart set on an outdoor location like the beach or Downtown Fort Myers, I highly recommend waiting until the weather is in a better mood.  Sessions booked outdoors in the summer in Southwest Florida tend to get rescheduled over and over again in an attempt to shoot around the rain!  Let’s enjoy the dry and air-conditioned comforts of a studio or other indoor brand photography location during the summer.

Don’t Worry, I’ll Help With Session Location Scouting

If all of this feels like a lot to think about ahead of your session: I’ve got you. You can 100% do the legwork and answer these questions yourself, but all of this is included in your initial consultation with me ahead of your session. So all this thinking? We can do it together. My goal is to make capturing unique, branded imagery as easy and fun as humanly possible (for you). That includes taking as much of the “thinking” off your plate as I can!

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Ready to get STARTED?

The NEW STUDIO is open, so book your discovery call today!

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