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Photography Blog

By Jesi Cason Photography

A collection on insights, guidance, and industry secrets sprinkled with pretty photos! Follow for behind-the-scenes explanations of my photoshoots, more information about the artists I work with, and the insider's scoop on how my portrait sessions unfold.

macro photography of soap bubble planet

How Macro Photography Can Create New Worlds

Self-Education | Macro Photography Creating New Worlds with Macro Photography Macro Photography Photography is all about shifting perspectives and creating visual representations of things from your own unique point of view.  Macro photography makes the impossible, possible. Tiny details are suddenly not only visible but highly defined!  I came across a tutorial recently that talked about how to use a macro lens to photograph bubbles and had to try it out for myself.   My first attempt was terrible!  I followed the instructions but wasn’t getting the results […]

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woman with black balloons wearing black dress on black background music video

How to Make a Music Video

Self-Education | Music Videos How to Make a Music Video (When You’ve Never Done it Before!) What Makes a Music Video Great? A great music video is a reflection of something that matters to the artist. Think about the last music video you saw that left an impression on you.  Or think about the videos you used to see on MTV and VH1 as a kid that made you want to be an artist.  I’d argue that the good ones, the […]

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girl laying on pink background with bright colored feathers

Musician Portraits Pop with Bold Colors

Musician Portrait Spotlight | Emma Arnold How Bold Colors Amplify Your Music Brand What Color is Your Music? It all started with a pink guitar. Emma Sydney Arnold is exactly as young as she looks in her musician portraits, but she’s been playing guitar and writing songs since she was 10 years old.  Since then , she’s developed a love for indie pop, a tendency to write songs while driving, and reputation for being precisely the kind of girl you […]

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