Black & White Expression Portraits

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Why?  Because we’re all full of emotions right now and they need to be expressed!  Let’s be weird in my studio together.

Black & White Expression Portraits




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Express Yourself

and support Love Your Rebellion

– And it only takes 15 minutes!

These portraits are a celebration of the entire spectrum of human emotions.  Confused, scared, angry, confident, hungry…whatever you’re feeling, I’m feeling it.  

20% of your session fee will be donated to Love Your Rebellion, the SWFL based 501C-3 nonprofit whose mission is to empower marginalized groups through the arts via music, art, and writing events, publishing the LYR Zine, and managing a Zine Library in East Fort Myers.

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Why Black & White?

Because color is distracting!

I love color, don’t get it twisted.  But human facial expressions just POP in black and white.  Color distracts from texture and contours.  It requires coordination and planning that we simply do not have time for right now!  Strip it all away and you’ll see the life, energy, and weirdness of the human face.

I’ll direct you through your expressions  with prompts and suggestions, and you’ll be free to come up with your own on the fly.  And I’ll give you advice on what to wear and bring so that you’ll be ready to rock your black and white expression portrait session.  

– How long is this?

15 minutes of shooting, and 15 minutes to choose your images right there in my studio. No waiting around for a link, you’ll see them right away and pick your favorites!

– Where is this?

My studio in Fort Myers, FL. The address will be provided with your booking confirmation email.

– What should I bring?

These portraits are all about focusing on a variety of expressions. You can bring props and accessories to interact with (hats, scarves, glasses, wigs, graphic tees, jewelry, food, WHATEVER) to help you emote and achieve the looks you want.

What You Get

Besides the pleasure of my company

4 portraits in 1

For your $100 session fee, you’ll receive your choice of 4 portraits arranged in 1 grid (square or landscape). You will choose the 4 images directly after your session (cause I know you’re impatient!)

Option to Purchase More

Additional files will be available for $25 each for personal use, $50 each for commercial use. To use your 4 included images commercially there will be a $50 fee.

15 Minutes of Weirdness

I’ll guide you through prompts and expressions and make sure we use whatever props and accessories you want to try out in 15 minutes.

No Waiting

You’ll pick your 4 included images (and decide if you want to purchase extras) right after your session. I will deliver your image(s) within 24 hours via email.


You’ll be doing something kind for yourself. When was the last time you did that? And you’ll be donating to a worthy cause – Love Your Rebellion

Love Your Rebellion

LYR fulfills their mission of empowering marginalized groups through the arts by hosting concerts and events, publishing a zine, and maintaining the only zine library in Southwest Florida.

Come on. Let’s have some