Basic Album Design Options

Basic Album

Design Options

You’ve made the right choice!   Adding an album to your session means you’ll have the best images preserved in a physical, durable, lovable book.  Being able to see and touch your images every day is such a special experience.  Now, let’s design the cover!

Choose Your Cloth Color

When deciding on the cover color, consider factors such as:

  • -The decor of the room in which the book will live
  • -The personality of the subject of the album
  • -The mood you want the album to convey
  • -The color scheme of the photos inside the album

Email Me Your Choice

Add Text or a Graphic to the Cover


Simple Text

Name and date, or add a quote – embossed or foil text

cloth cover photo album with embossing

Text with Design

Simple, clean graphics that accent your text

Email me you ideas or ask me to present ideas for you to choose from