Hi. I’m Jesi.

I’m the photographer you’ve been looking for. 

jesi cason photography headshot orange hair

The top thing I hear from my clients after they receive their brand photos is, “Wow! you made me look way cooler than I really am!” The truth is, I just see the kickass, fierce, bold person inside of you.

My superpower is listening to what you want your brand message to be, and coming up with a show-stopping, creative visual depiction of that message.

Whether you already have a clear idea of that message, or if you need my guidance, I’m here to take your brand’s photography to the next level. The cool level.

jesi cason photography and peter kolter in a slot canyon

Behind the Lens

When I’m not shooting, I’m living my best life in Fort Myers with my boyfriend, Peter, and our dog, Miles. When I can tear myself away from them, I enjoy thrift shopping, exploring new cities, and walking nature trails.

My biggest passion beyond work is volunteerism. There are so many fantastic non-profit organizations in my community, and I try to get involved as much as possible!


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Sometimes I write.

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