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So nice to meet you.

My name is Suzanne

I am a nationally recognized etiquette expert, and everything I learned about life, I learned from my grandmother, Mimi.

From tea parties to table manners, and thank you notes to conversation skills, my Mimi set the standard for what it means to be a polite guest and a good friend to all.

That is why my mission is to pass those valuable lessons on to children, teens, and adults.  Joy, humor, and respect are what good manners are all about!

Why Manners Matter

Good etiquette shows respect

Florence “Mimi” Black taught her four grandchildren that every person is worthy of respect.  Her creative teaching techniques inform every class offered here at Mimi’s Manners.

Being polite is about being kind

Ultimately, kindness is at the core of each etiquette lesson.  When we show good manners to others, we make room for kindness, friendship, and cooperation.  Even people who do not see eye to eye can express politeness.  That is what Mimi taught me, and I’m eager to share practical skills for the modern age with you.  

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