4 Locations for Your Personal Brand Photoshoot

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4 Locations for Your Personal Brand Photoshoot

girl posed in front of a red door at old house in Labelle Florida

Client Education: Location Scouting

4 Locations for Your Next Personal Brand Photoshoot

How to Choose the Right Location for Your Personal Brand Photo Session

Location matters!  And it matters even more when you are trying to tell the story of your personal brand.  I include location scouting in my personal brand photography service so that no two sessions are ever exactly the same.  But some locations are versatile and can be used over and over again without looking stale.  Here are a few to consider, but keep in mind:  some require permissions or even a usage fee.  So don’t just show up ready to shoot!  Your photographer (whether that is me or someone else) should make the arrangements and have proper liability insurance to cover everyone’s safety.  There’s a time and a place to be a reckless cowboy, and your personal brand photoshoot ain’t it!

Let these locations inspire you to start brainstorming your dream personal brand photoshoot.

“Wherever you are, be there. Lifestyle is not something we do; it is something we experience. And until we learn to be there, we will never master the art of living well.”

John Rohn | Entrepenuer and Motivational Speaker

#4 Downtown

Every town has a downtown, right?

Whether you live in a sleepy tourist town like Fort Myers or Naples or a bigger city like Tampa or Miami, your downtown is designed to attract visitors.  That’s where you’ll find some of the most interesting architecture, alleys, and streetscapes!  Parking garages, storefronts, fire escapes…the options are endless (so long as you aren’t trespassing.)  It sends a message of being connected to your community, being  business-minded, and being an extrovert.

And if your downtown is a little played out, try going at night instead.  Using long exposure and off-camera-lighting will dramatically change the look at feel of this location and will send a totally different message about your personal brand.

guy wearing floral shirt in Downtown St. Petersburg Florida
downtown fort myers personal brand photoshoot location

#3 AirBnb Rental

Before you book, reach out to the owner!  Not all AirBnb rentals will allow professional photographers to use their space, so definitely get permission first and sign a location release if needed.

Every few months I scroll through my local AirBnb listings to see if any new and interesting places have been added.  I’ve found some incredibly inspiring locations for personal brand photoshoots for amazing prices.  Once you have a good sense of what your personal brand is, finding a house (or house boat, or tree house, or castle…) that fits the vibe you’re sending out is easy!  And whenever I travel and book my room, I always look for opportunities to create my own personal brand photos.  My boyfriend is probably sick of that by now but TOO BAD.

personal brand travel phtography
airbnb tiny house fort myers with musician Angela Page

#2 Professional Studio

So many personal brand photoshoot guides skip this option!  But with a studio, the options for getting your personal brand across are limitless.  I admit, some people can feel awkward or unnatural in a studio.  However, your photographer should guide you through prompts and directions that will put you at ease and take away that “school picture day” feel.

The focus in the studio becomes more about YOU rather than your environment.  You can ease the pressure by incorporating props, furniture, and fun outfits.  And most importantly, bring your entire personality.  The location isn’t doing any of the work for you!  But the photographer will be there to pull out expressions and moods that you didn’t even know you had.

personal brand location studio realtor fort myers
green man wearing boxing gloves screaming in yellow studio personal brand location

#2 Nature

For the right brand, a session out in nature is priceless.  If your branding keywords include the words like “organic”, “homegrown”, “raw”, “sunny”, or “outdoorsy”, you simply can’t escape a session with a perfect, natural backdrop.  Here in Southwest Florida, our beaches make for a popular session location – as they should!  The crisp, clean lines of the horizon and the neutral tones of the sand are perfect for images that will feature text or logos.

Beyond the beach, we’ve also got plenty of parks and nature trails that will offer opportunities for greenery and creative framing.  With the right photographer, you won’t have to travel far for branding photos in an outdoor setting that fit your personality.  Even taking a walk around your neighborhood could result in some unexpected photo location gems!

musician playing guitar in a field with big sky in Fort Myers, FL

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